About Cleaning Safety Card

What Is The Cleaning Safety Card?

The Cleaning Safety Card is a basic safety induction card that was developed to address and improve safety issues associated with the commercial cleaning and domestic cleaning industries.
If you are working or if you are wanting to work in this industry or if you are employing people in this industry then this safety induction program is for you and your team.

Saves You Time And Money

Here at the cleaning safety card we all know how time poor cleaning operators are and when it comes to training new people how arduous this can be. With the cleaning safety card this has become a thing of the past. Now your candidates can be prepared with safety knowledge before they start, saving you time and money.

Improves Employability

By completing this course you will be increasing your knowledge on safety within the cleaning industry. The more knowledge you have in this area, not only will you be a better cleaner, the more likely you are to be able to gain employment from a cleaning company as you would be a better candidate than someone who does not have the Cleaning Safety Card.

A Patented Solution

We are so serious with our Cleaning safety card that we have an Innovation Patent! The patent provides an induction course such as a training module for existing, new, casual or inexperienced cleaners. This serves as a training module for induction courses for cleaners. The module is also designed to assist cleaners to obtain safety knowledge prior to commencing work in the industry.


Great Pre-requisite

There are a number of “how to clean windows”, “how to clean vinyl floors” & “how to clean bathroom or a wet area” courses available, all of which are very good. However, prior to doing any of these, the Cleaning Safety card was developed as a pre-requisite to completing any of these courses.

Cleaning Safety

The cleaning industry is the industry with the second highest case of incidents of injury and hazard to workers.

It’s also an industry with one of the highest turnovers of staff. For your cleaning business this means you’re performing inductions more often, losing productive time and so eroding your already shrinking profit margins.

No, or poor inductions put your workers at risk and are illegal. You not only have a duty of care, but a legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace and suitable inductions to your staff (including contractors) to assist in minimising the risk of hazards to anyone who works for your business.

Our Course Will Cover Everything From:


Rubbish removal


Optimum vacuuming and mopping techniques to keep workers healthy


Assessing Risk


Use of chemicals safely


Plus so much more


Safety as a mindset for all staff


Cleaning wet areas


How to clean using colour coding


Avoiding slips, trips and falls

Cleaning Staff Employers

Simply induct your staff online using Cleaning Safety Card. Once they prove they have completed the course, they will understand safe procedures on cleaning and you only need to introduce them to the site and cover any site specific hazards.

Connect your staff today to a system which is quick, efficient and effective – saving their well being and improving your business.